The Muon Veto (low background) Cryostat Insert

There are two copies of a general-purpose muon veto cryostat insert illustrated here which can be used in any of the three transverse access cryostats: Ms. Piggy, VG-Janis, and VG-Cryo.

[Clickable image of whole muon veto insert] Photomultipliers Sample rod Sample rod Sample holder Wide barrel section Tube and light guides Sample region, including scintillators This is a `clickable image map'. Click on the section that interests you, or select from this list

The illustration shows the whole cryostat insert (with some of the length cut out) plus a separate view of the sample rod.

A muon veto counter must be placed inside the cryostat to be effective for surface muons. Additionally, the thin counter detecting incoming muons is located inside the cryostat to keep the best possible beam focus at the sample. Thus there are two counters (with light guides and phototubes) in this assembly.

Inside the cryostat, the two counters (cyan, violet) and the sample rod (orange) are supported and contained by a fibreglass shell (blue) with three compartments. The shell screws onto the main body - an aluminum (cyan) `barrel' - just outside the cryostat (above the clamp). The light guides spread apart to pass through sliding seals in the main end flange and reach photomultiplier tubes.

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