Muon Veto Insert - sample rod

[The sample rod] The sample rod is 1.49 m long overall, and can have various sample holders mounted on the end. Shown here is the standard square frame for solid samples.

Most of the length is 3/8-inch stainless steel tube, with thermometry wires running inside.

The cold end is not steel, as that could be somewhat magnetic. Instead, it has:

The sample is mounted on thin Mylar stretched over the square frame - muons that miss the sample must pass through the Mylar to be vetoed.

The opposite, warm, end has a 10-pin electrical plug for thermometry.

The brass plug near the top seals on main flange - When inserting, make sure it seats firmly!

Alternate sample holders can be mounted on the end, screwed onto the thermometry block. Sample ends include:

  1. Open square frame. 0.0625 inch thick. Opening is 1.25 inch wide by 1.125 inch long.
  2. Powder cell holder. 0.19 inch thick. Opening is 1.25 inch in diameter.
  3. Solid copper plate, with sample heater (incomplete).

Maintained by Donald Arseneau,
For the TRIUMF ÁSR Facility