Powder sample cell and holder

for the muon veto cryostat insert

Sample cell

[sample cell]

This small aluminum sample cell fits into the simple muon veto cryostat insert. Although the veto counter does not come into play, this system is useful when only a little sample material is available or when the low background insert has been installed already.

The cell seals with an indium O-ring, pressed by 12 screws, #2-56. The interior is 0.148 inches (3.76 mm) deep and 0.625 inches (15.9 mm) in diameter (V = 0.75 cm3). Externally, its maximum diameter is 1.313 inch at the lip on the cover; the rest has a diameter of 1.25 inch, fitting into the cell holder.

Cell holder

[Cell holder]

The sample cell is mounted in this cell holder, secured by two brass screws (#4-40).

The holder is made of low oxygen copper, and, like other sample holders, attaches to the sample rod and thermometry block with 4 screws (#2-56).

The holder is 0.19 inch thick, 1.375 inch wide, and, including the mounting block, 1.625 inch tall. The hole is 1.254 inches in diameter.

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