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6 Spin-Peierls system

 This chapter presents our $\mu$SR results of the spin-Peierls material CuGeO3 and its Zn/Si doped compounds. In the nominally pure system, the absence of static moments was confirmed down to 50 mK, supporting the non-magnetic nature of the spin-Peierls ground state. In the Zn-doped systems (Cu1-xZnx)GeO3 (x=2, 4 and 8%) and a Si-doped system Cu(Ge1-ySiy)O3 (x=2 %), static order was observed below the Néel temperatures which have been reported previously. In the Zn-doped systems, the characteristic magnitude of the local field ($\Delta$)suggests that the size of the ordered moments takes a maximum at the Zn concentration which gives the maximum Néel temperature.