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I would like to thank Rob Kiefl for his excellent supervision of the work which led to this thesis, his steady stream of advice, and his continual encouragement and support. He, Jeff Sonier and Roger Miller taught me how to fit $\mu $SR superconductivity data to a theoretical model. They, together with Sarah Dunsiger, Jacques Chakhalian, Gerald Morris, Jess Brewer and the TRIUMF technical staff, including Mel Good and Bassam Hitti, assisted greatly in the setup and running of the experiment described in this thesis. They also answered my many questions about the $\mu $SR technique. Paul Canfield provided the sample studied in this experiment. I thank Jess Brewer additionally for giving this thesis its second reading, and am grateful to the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research for enabling me to meet with numerous researchers in the field of superconductivity.

Jess H. Brewer