Partial List of TRIUMF Experiments

420: D.G. Fleming

Kinetics of Mu Reactions with Diatomic Halogens in Gases.

447: K. Venkateswaran

µLCR of Muonic Radicals in Micelles.

448: Y.J. Uemura

µSR in Site-diluted Random Antiferromagnet (Mn,Zn)F2.

449: S.R. Kreitzman

Nuclear HF Parameters of Mu and Mu* via RF Resonance.

450: J.R. Kempton

Sub- and Super-critical Fluids.

452: M. Hasinoff

RMC on Hydrogen.

453: G. Marshall

Production of Slow Muonic Hydrogen in Vacuum.

454: K. Nagamine

Muon Catalyzed dtµ Fusion.

458: K. Nishiyama / K. Nagamine

Hyperfine Phenomena Probed by µSR.

461: W. Marzke

Mu + (O2, C2H4) Adsorbed on SiO2.

463: Matsuzaki / Yamazaki

Muon-Nuclear Double Relaxation in Itinerant Magnets.

464: S. Dodds

Low Frequency Excitations in Disordered Magnets.

477: Kiefl / Estle

The Electronic Structure of Muonium in the Cuprous Halides.

493: Harshman / Ansaldo

µSR Study of Exotic Single Crystal Superconductors.

494: Uemura / Brewer

Superconductivity and Magnetism of Heavy Fermion and High-Tc Related Systems: µSR vs Neutron Scattering.

495: Nishiyama / Nishida

Studies of Oxide Superconductors by Negative Muons.

500: Fleming

µLCR Spectroscopy of Muonic Radicals in Gases.

520: Brewer

µ+SR Tests of Mechanisms for High-Tc Superconductivity.

521: Uemura

µSR in High-Tc Superconductors and Heavy Fermion Systems.

521: Uemura

µ+SR Studies of (La,Sr)2CuO4, Ba(Pb,Bi)O3 and (Ba,K)BiO3.

524: Walker

Muonium Reactivity Enhancements.

525: Venkateswaren

Copolymerization in Micelles.

527: Senba

Slowing Down Time of Muons in Gases.

528: Senba

Mu + (O2, CO, NO) in High-Pressure Gases.

529: Gonzalez

Kinetic Isotope Effects in Mu + HX Gas Reactions.

531: Ikehata

µ-SR in trans-Polyacetylene.

532: Yamazaki / Nagamine

Beam-Foil e- Emission by µ-.

533: Kondow / Nagamine

µ- Mesomolecule Formation in LiH and LiD.

539: Kiefl / Kadono

Effect of Conduction Electrons on Diffusion of Light Interstitials.

546: Percival

Muonium-Substituted Free Radicals.

547: Broholm / Harshman

µ+SR in Exotic Single Crystal Superconductors.

548: Estle / Kiefl

H and Mu in Semiconductors: Diamagnetic Charge States.

571: Torikai

LF-µ-SR in High-Tc Superconductors.

572: Harshman

µ+SR in Single Crystal Organic Superconductors.

573: Kempton

T-dependence of Spin Exchange Cross Section Between Mu and Cs Atoms.

574: Walker

Muonium Radical Yields.

575: Nagamine

Ultra-Slow µ- Production via µCF.

580: Fawcett

µ+ and Incommensurate Spin Waves in Cr.

581: Y.J. Uemura / G.M. Luke

µSR Studies on Organic Superconductors.

582: Ansaldo

µSR Study of BiSrCaCuO and YBa2Cu4O8.

583: Ansaldo

µSR Study of Magnetic Ordering in High-Tc Related Oxides.

584: Estle / Kiefl

Muonium in Silicon Carbide.

585: Cox

Muonium Spectrocsopy of the Silicon sub-Oxides a-SiO2.

586: Roduner

Mu-Substituted Organic Free Radicals on Surfaces.

588: Barnabas

Muonated Thiyl and Alkyl Free Radicals in Solution.

592: Wright

Radiative Muon Capture on 3He.

599: Brewer / Kreitzman

Muons and Muonium in Solid Hydrogen and Other Cryocrystals.

600: Brewer

µSR in High-Tc Superconductors.

601: Pümpin

Properties of the Flux Lattice in High-Tc Superconductors.

603: B. Sternlieb / G.M. Luke

µ+SR Studies of 1-Dimensional Magnetic Systems.

604: D.R. Harshman


605: R.R. Kreitzman

RF-µSR Final-State Spectroscopy in Semiconductors.

606: Uemura

µ+SR Studies of Exotic Superconductors.

607: Walker

Isomeric Muonated Radicals.

608: Schneider

Muonium in GaP and GaAs.

609: Fleming

Vibrational Fluorescence in MuF.

610: Kiefl

µSR in Silicon at High Temperature.

611: Kiefl / Kratzer

µSR in RT2 Intermetallics.

612: T. Gorringe

HF-Dependence of Excl. µ- Capture on 19F etc.

613: Marshall

Production of Slow Muonic Hydrogen in Vacuum.

614: D.R. Gill / V. Selivanov

Precision Measurement of Muon Decay Michel Parameters.

619: Nishiyama etal

Studies of the High-Tc Superconductor LaSrCuO with (µ-O) Probes.

620: Ikehata

µ-SR in trans-Polyacetylene.

621: Yamazaki / Nagamine

Secondary e- Emission in µ--Foil Interactions.

622: J.M. Schneider

Normal and Anomalous Muonium in 13C Diamond.

639: J.M. Stadlbauer

Muonium Enhancement Effects in Micelles.

640: A. Kratzer / R.F. Kiefl

Search for Magnetic Correlations in CeTSn (T = Ni, Pt, Pd).

641: D.G. Fleming

Kinetic Isotope Effects in H Abstraction by Mu: Mu + CH4 vs Mu + CD4.

642: Y.J. Uemura

µ+SR Studies of Doped C60 Superconductors.

646: R.F. Kiefl

µSR in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Superlattices and 2-D Electron Gases.

648: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Magnetism and Superconductivity in Heavy Fermion Systems.

650: D. Walker

Kinetic Isotope Effects Favouring Muonium.

653: Grion

Measurement of the pi+ pi- Invariant Mass in Nuclei.

654: P.W. Percival

Fullerene Chemistry.

657: E. Torikai / K. Nishiyama / K. Nagamine

Longitudinal µ-SR Studies on the High-Tc Superconductor LaSrCuO.

658: R.F. Kiefl

Application of µSR to the Study of Solid C60 Compounds.

659: K. Nagamine

Slow Monoenergetic (3Heµ-)+ Beam from (d3Heµ-) decay.

664: Matsushita

Muonium Formation and Reaction on Powdered Platinum Surfaces.

665: D.R. Noakes

Muon Spin Relaxation in Quasicrystals.

666: Raywood

Search for Deeply Bound Pionic Atoms via 208Pb (pi-,gamma).

668: Williams

de Haas van Alphen Oscillations in the µ+ Knight Shift in Sb.

669: D.R. Harshman

µ+SR in Exotic Single-Crystal Superconductors.

670: Wright

Radiative Muon Capture on nuclei.

671: D. Walker

Muonium's pH-Dependence.

672: Y.J. Uemura

µSR Studies of Kagome Lattice.

673: Y.J. Uemura

µSR Studies of Tl 2201 and Infinite-Layer Cuprate.

674: T. Gorringe

Measurements of exclusive muon capture rates in the 1s-0d shell.

677: M. Hahn

Surface Interactions and Motions of Radicals in Zeolites.

679: K. Nishiyama

Systematic Study of 3D-Transition Metal Oxides bu µ-SR.

680: P.W. Percival

Muonium Diffusion in Ice.

683: M. Cummings

Asymmetries Following Muon Capture by Polarized Muonic 3He.

684: D.G. Fleming / J. Pan

µSR Spin Relaxation Studies of Small Molecules in the Gas Phase.

685: J.M. Schneider

Muonium in CVD-Diamond Films.

687: R.F. Kiefl / B. Gaulin

µSR Investigation of Frustrated Antiferromagnets.

691: J.H. Brewer

TF-µ+SR Lineshape in High-Tc Superconductors.

692: J.H. Brewer / S. Storchak

Quantum Diffusion of Muonium in Cryocrystals.

693: J.H. Brewer / S. Storchak

Fast Chem. of µ+ and Mu in Van der Waals Crystals and Liquids.

694: K.H. Chow / R.F. Kiefl

Charge States and Sites of Mu in (Heavily Doped) GaAs.

695: K.H. Chow / van Buuren

µSR in Porous Silicon.

696: T. Gorringe

HF Depdependence of Exclusive µ- Capture on 35Cl.

697: E. Ansaldo

Overdoping, Chain-Filling and Zn-Substitution in High-Tc Superconductors.

706: G.M. Kalvius / G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

µSR Studies of Spin Fluctuation in Kondo Spin Systems.

708: D.G. Fleming / D.J. Arseneau

Spin Relaxation and Chemical Reactivity of Radicals in the Gas Phase.

710: R.L. Lichti / K.H. Chow / S.J. Cox

Dynamics of Mu in Ge and GaAs.

713: P.W. Percival

Mu Chemistry in Supercritical Water.

718: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Superconductivity and Magnetism in Quaternary Boron Carbides.

724: K. Kojima / Y.J. Uemura

µSR Measurement of Spin Ladder Systems.

731: R.F. Kiefl / K.H. Chow

Spin Polarized Mu in Metallic Semiconductors.

732: R.F. Kiefl

Mu as a Quantum Impurity in a One Dimensional Spin 1/2 Chain.

734: D.S. Armstrong

Radiative Muon Capture on Ni isotopes.

735: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Studies of Single-Layer Cuprate Superconductors.

737: R.L. Heffner

Magnetic and Superconducting Behaviour in Oxide Materials.

742: F. Mulhauser / B. Bystritsky / R. Jacot-Guillarmod

Scattering of Muonic Hydrogen Isotopes.

744: M.A. Kovash

Kinematically complete study of pi-p to e+e-n.

745: K. Kojima / Y.J. Uemura

µ-SR Measurements in One-Dimensional Spin Systems.

746: B. Hitti / S.R. Kreitzman

Muonium Dynamics in Si, Ge, and GaAs Studied by RF µSR.

747: M. Gingras / Y.J. Uemura

µSR Study of Re-entrant Spin Glasses a-FeMn, AuFe, and Fe70Al30.

749: P.W. Percival

Muonium-Substituted Free Radicals.

751: W.J. Kossler

µSR Measurements of Off-Axis Internal Fields.

752: K.H. Chow / R.F. Kiefl

Muonium Centers in Si and GaAs.

753: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Magnetic Correlations in Planar Oxides.

757: K. Nishiyama

Muon Dynamics in Ferroelectric Materials.

758: R.F. Kiefl

Electronic Structure of Mu and Mu-Li Complexes in Graphite.

759: K. Nishiyama

Hyperfine Couplings of Mu in Quartz Under Pressure.

766: D.S. Armstrong / T. Gorringe

Ortho-Para Transition Rate in Muonic Molecular Hydrogen.

768: R. Kadono / J. Akimitsu

GFFLO State in Heavy Fermion and Intermediate Valence Systems.

773: B. Hitti / S. Storchak

Muon-Electron Interaction in n-Type Silicon.

774: B. Hitti / S.R. Kreitzman

Mu Dynamics in GaAs Studued by RF and µ-Wave µSR.

775: J.H. Brewer

Electron Transport in Materials.

776: G.M. Kalvius / D.R. Noakes

Rare Earth Materials with Disordered Spin Structures.

777: R.F. Kiefl / G.M. Luke

Vortex State of s-wave Superconductors.

782: D.E. MacLaughlin

Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior and other Novel Phenomena in Heavy-Fermion Alloys.

783: R.H. Heffner, J.E. Sonier

Paramagnetic Frequency Shifts in Unconventional Superconductors.

784: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Spin-Singlet states in Oxides.

789: A. Harrison / Y.J. Uemura

Magnetic Fluctuations in Hydronium Jarosites, Model Kagomé Antiferromagnets.

790: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Stripe order in La1.6-xSrxNd0.4CuO4.

791: K.H. Chow / R.F. Kiefl

Electronic Structure and Dynamics of Charged Muonium and Muonium-Dopant Centers in Semiconductors.

792: R.L. Lichti

Muonium in III-V Semiconductors: Identification of States and Transitions.

794: K. Nishiyama / I. Watanabe

µ+SR Study on the Magnetic Properties of LaCoO3 and La1-xSrxCoO3.

795: K. Nishiyama

µSR Study on non-Fermi Liquid Behavior.

796: Miyake

µSR Studies in Ionic Crystal Doped with Colour Centers or Impurites.

797: A. Kratzer

Magnetic Correlations in the Ternary Equiatomic Ce Compounds CeTSn.

798: H. Klauss / F.J. Litterst

Competition of RKKY Exchange and Kondo Effect in CeT2X2 Compounds (T = Transition metal, X = Si, Ge).

799: E. Torikai / K. Nishiyama

Hyperfine Structure and Site Determination of (µ-O) System in LaSrCuO High-Tc Superconductors.

804: R.L. Lichti

Muonium in Gallium Nitride.

807: K. Niedermayer

Study of the Vortex-state in Highly Anisotropic Single Crystal High-Tc Superconductors

808: G.M. Kalvius / S.R. Kreitzman

Spin Glass Order in Magnets Frustrated by Competing Ferro and Antiferromagnetic Exchange.

809: J.H. Brewer / V.G. Storchak

Quantum Diffusion of Mu in Crystals with Orientational Degrees of Freedom.

814: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

µSR Studies of Unconventional Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4.

815: R.F. Kiefl

ß-NMR (beta-NMR) Investigation on Magnetic Multilayers and Giant Magnetoresistance

816: R.F. Kiefl

Semiconductor Quantum Wells Investigated by ß-NMR (beta-NMR)

817: R.F. Kiefl

ß-NMR (beta-NMR) Invesigation of Type II Superconductors

818: C. Broholm

Magnetic Orering in the One-Dimensional Spin-1/2 Antiferromagnet Copper Benzoate.

819: W. Higemoto / K Nagamine

µ+SR Studies of the Antiferromagnetic Instability and Metastable State in Colossal Magnetoresistance System.

820: Miyako

µSR Study on the Phase Transition in Ce(Ru1-xRhx)2Si2

822: R. Kadono / A. Koda

Effect of Disorder on Quantum Spin Liquid State.

825: Collins

Equilib. Defects/Order in Intermetallic Compounds via Isomeric Probes

826: Turrell

Studies of Ultrathin Magnetic Films with Implanted Isotopes

833: Y.J. Uemura / R.H. Heffner / I.M. Gat

Doped MnSi and V2-yO3: Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior, Spin Fluctuations and Itinerant Magnetism (with applied pressure).

834: D.H. Ryan

Transverse Spin Freezing in Bond-frustrated Magnets.

835: Y.J. Uemura

Intercalated HfN and Bi2212 Superconductors.

840: S. Sakamoto

Muon Transfer from Excited States in Muonic Hydrogen.

842: P. Percival

Mu-substituted Free Radicals in Sub- and Supercritical Water.

843: R. Kadono / J. Akimitsu

Quantum ordering in Dense Kondo Systems Studied by µLCR.

844: R.F. Kiefl / J. Chakhalian

Quantum Impurities in One Dimensional Spin 1/2 Chains.

845: G.M. Luke

Vortex Phases in (Ba,K)BiO3.

846: J.H. Brewer / J.E. Sonier

Complex Order parameter Symmetry in YBa2Cu3O7-delta at Low T and High Magnetic Field.

847: J.E. Sonier

Electron-Doped High-Tc Superconductors.

848: R. Miller / R.F. Kiefl / J.H. Brewer

The Vortex State of YBa2Cu3O6+x.

849: K.M. Kojima / Y.J. Uemura

Spin Structures and Magnetic Volume Fraction of La214 Systems.

850: M. Larkin / Y.J. Uemura

Effects of Dilute (Cu,Zn) substitution in Spin Gap Systems SrCu2O3 and CuGeO3.

851: D.R. Harshman

Ruthenate and Cuprate High-Tc Compounds.

852: S. Dunsiger / R.F. Kiefl

Magnetic Phases in Geometrically Frustrated Rare Earth Pyrochlores.

856: K. Nishiyama

µSR Study on CuO.

857: W. Higemoto / K. Nagamine

The Magnetic Properties Of The Cerium Compound Probed by µ-.

858: K. Shimomura

Repolarization of Muonic Atoms in Semiconductors by Laser Optical Pumping.

860: J.H. Brewer / V.H. Storchak

Mass and Charge Transport in Disordered Media: Orientational Glasses.

865: K. Shimomura / R. Kadono

Electronic Structure and Diffusion Kinetics of Mu in Group III Nitrides and related Wide-Gap Semiconductors.

866: K.M. Kojima / Y.J. Uemura

S = 0 Doping to the 1d Spin Chain: Comparison between S = 1/2 and S = 1 Chains.

867: G.M. Luke / Y.J. Uemura

Magnetic Properties of Strontium/Calcium Ruthenates.

875: T.R. Edgecock / K. Nagamine

Muon Scattering in Low Z Materials for Muon Cooling Studies.

876: D.R. Noakes / G.M. Kalvius

Disordered Magnetism Near Magnetic Instabilities in f-electron Materials.

877: W. Higemoto

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Under High Pressure.

878: G. Maruta

Magnetism of Layered Compounds Cu2(OH)3X (X = Cl, Br, I).

880: K. Ishida / K. Nagamine

Ortho-Para Effect of Muon Catalyzed Fusion in Solid Deuterium.

881: A. Koda / R. Kadono

Magnetism of Ce-Based Heavy Fermion Superconductors.

882: M.I. Larkin / Y.J. Uemura

Unconventional Superconductivity in an Organic Superconductor (TMTSF)2ClO4.

883: P. Percival

Muonium-substituted Methyl and Associated Free Radicals.

884: T. Ito / Y.J. Uemura

Magnetic Ground States of the S=1/2 Kagomé Spin System Cu3V2O7(OH)2 . 2H2O.

885: K.M. Kojima

High TF Lineshape Measuremant Of Impurity-Doped High-Tc Cuprates.

886: C. Bernhard / C. Niedermayer / E.J. Ansaldo

Study of Field Dependent T1 Relaxation and Coexistence of Order Parameters in the (Anti)Ferromagnetic Ruthenate-Cuprate Superconductors RuSr2(Gd,Eu,Y)Cu2O8.

887: G.M. Luke / R.H. Heffner

Search for Broken Time Reversal Symmetry in High Temperature Superconductors.

888: D.C. Walker

Test of Delayed-Mu Model for Hydrocarbon Liquids.

889: T. Asano

Field-Induced Gap in Cu Benzoate.

890: D. MacLaughlin

Anisotropic Kondo Effect in Ce0.8La0.2Al3?

891: J. Sonier

Superconductivity and Magnetism in CenTmIn3n+2m.

893: P. Delheij

Hyperfine Field of Rb in the Ferromagnets Fe, Ni, Co.

894: B. Addison-Jones

Mu Kinetics and Free Radical Formation in Solutions of Fullerenes.

895: R. Kadono

Vortex Structure and Magnetism of Electron-doped Cuprate Superconductors.

896: G.M. Luke

Spin Liquid Behavior in Cr and Mn Spinels.

897: R.F. Kiefl

Absolute Magnetic Penetration Depth in the Meissner State of Superconductors with ß-NMR (beta-NMR).

898: R.F. Kiefl

MULTI Development with Applications in Superconductors and Semiconductors.

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