New Opportunities for Accelerator-Based
Materials Research in Canada

TRIUMF 11-12 August 2001


Friday 10 August   20:00   RECEPTION   4554 W. 11th Ave. (228-1077)   -   RSVP
Saturday 11 August   -   TRIUMF Auditorium
Morning Session: "SCIENCE SHOW & TELL"
(neat new results/ideas to get us warmed up and enthusiastic)
Time Topic Speaker
08:00 Welcome Jess Brewer
08:30 µ-SR on Nuclei with Spin* Jess Brewer
09:00 Chemistry in Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactors Probed by ÁSR Khashayar Ghandi
09:30 Molecular Motion in Zeolites: Static MuC6H6 in NaY Don Fleming
10:00 COFFEE
10:30 Novel Alpha Muoniated Radicals Iain McKenzie
11:00 Nuclear Moment of   16N   Studied by ▀-NMR Kensaku Matsuta
11:30 Tour & Demonstration of   ▀-NMR   Experiment at ISAC Rob Kiefl
12:00 LUNCH   (catered at TRIUMF)
Afternoon Session: "FRIENDLY FACILITIES"
(management, accessibility, reliability, versatility)
Time Topic Speaker
13:00 TRIUMF   ÁSR User Facility Syd Kreitzman
13:30 Open Discussion
14:30 COFFEE
15:00 RAL-ISIS   ÁSR User Facility Steve Cottrell
15:30 Open Discussion
16:00 Barriers to Participation - What Keeps People Away From ÁSR? [panel]
16:30 Open Discussion
19:00 BEACH BARBEQUE   at Jericho Tennis Club
Sunday 12 August   -   TRIUMF Auditorium
Morning Session: "NEW CAPABILITIES"
(hardware ideas from the fantastic to the pragmatic)
Time Topic Speaker
09:00 Ultra-Slow Muons at TRIUMF?* Jess Brewer
09:30 The MULTI Spectrometer Kim Chow
10:00 COFFEE
10:30 Spatially Resolved ÁSR Mike Larkin
11:00 Upgrade Plans at ISIS Steve Cottrell
11:30 Replacing M8 - a New Concept Surface Muon Channel* Jess Brewer
12:00 LUNCH   (catered at TRIUMF)
Afternoon Session: "POLITICS"
(strategies & tactics for design development,
support of existing facilities, grant applications etc.)
Time Topic Speaker
13:00 Refurbishing M9A & MULTI Spectrometer Jeff Sonier
13:30 Open Discussion
14:30 COFFEE
15:00 Major Facility Access grant(s) [panel]
15:30 Open Discussion
16:00 TBA
16:30 Open Discussion
[Or should we just have "breakout sessions" after 16:00?]
17:00 CLOSURE   &   Good-Bye

* Note: any talk by Jess Brewer is "expendable" and can be replaced at the last minute on request.
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