HiTime Thermometry


Cryostat white cap connector:

            Line 1               KL                   Diffuser Heater

            Line 4&5          FJ/ED              Diffuser Cernox 6403


Cryostat black cap connector:

            Line 1               KL                   Tube Heater (warm)

            Line 5               DE                   Tube Heater (cold)      

            Line 2&3          AH/BC            Diffuser GaAlAs 9609



            Line 1               KL                   Platinum on light guide 

                                                            Controls power to warm tube heater

            Line 2&3          AH/BC            Sample GaAlAs 9361

                                                            Controls power to cold tube heater

            Line 4&5          FJ/ED              Sample Cernox 6806