KEK-TRIUMF Workshop on Ultra Slow Muons

Presentated materials viewable here as PDF files.

Welcome address       R. Kr├╝cken
Introduction of IMSS-KEK       O. Shimomura
Low Energy Muon Facility at PSI       T. Prokscha
KEK Ultra Slow Muon Facility: an Overview       Y. Miyake
Primary Muon Source: U-Line       Y. Miyake
Production of Muonium in Vacuum       G. Marshall
Application of ultra-slow muons to g−2/EDM measurements       T. Mibe
Extraction and polarization of ultra slow muons       Y. Miyake
Mu ionization Laser system       Y. Miyake
TRIUMF Laser ion source       J. Lassen
Low energy ion transport at TRIUMF       R. Baartman
Ultra slow muon transport and beam characteristics       P. Strasser
Polarized hydrogen ion sources and possible applications to muons       P. Levy
Complementary use of USM and β-NMR       W.A. MacFarlane
Plans for µSR spectrometers for ultra slow muons       W. Higemoto
LEM spectrometers at PSI       T. Prokscha
β-NMR Spectrometers at TRIUMF       G. Morris
Data acquisition, analysis and user base       K. M. Kojima