Muon beams of high luminosity (appropriate for µSR ) are available at several "Meson Factories" around the world.

Principal CW Muon Facilities

Those produced by the cyclotrons at produce continuous beams and are superior for time-differential µSR experiments requiring high time resolution.

Pulsed Muon Facilities

Others at the following labs produce pulsed beams and are superior for long time range experiments and those involving irradiation of the target with RF or laser power during the muons' short lifetime (on average 2.2 µs).

Other Accelerator Labs with Muon Capabilities

Editorial comment by Jess Brewer :

The main impediment to expanded use of µSR has always been political: the high energy physics community that used to have sole responsible for the construction of large accelerators is not always enthusiastic about sharing their resources with the materials scientists who make up the bulk of the µSR user community; meanwhile, as the materials science community begins to regard large accelerators as valuable resources, it is predominantly for the sake of their production of spallation neutrons for investigations in k-space. Both communities suffer when they ignore the opportunity for cooperative alliance offered by µSR and continue to see each other (and µSR) as adversaries. There are a few hopeful signs of enlightened self-interest in this decades-old struggle, but the tradition of animosity between narrow interest groups is still the worst enemy of cooperative scientific inquiry.

Jess H. Brewer
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