Magnet Type: LF/TF Helmholtz
Field Strength/Orientation: 0.45 T / z or y
Field Calibration: 0.0006 T/A (6 G/A)
Counter acceptance: 3 π
Experiment types: TF with high momentum muons, LF, TF, LTF, ZF, RF-microwave

The The SFUmu apparatus works in two orientations: With its main coils transverse to the beam direction, it is suitable for moderately-high TF measurements using backward muon beams, which do not bend too much in the applied field. When turned axial to the beam it is another Omni spectrometer, but with a higher field along the beam axis than Omni-LAMPF. This makes it the most omni-purpose of the Omni apparatuses, but with some compromises.

The prime motivation for this duality was the magnet: It delivers 6 A/G allowing experiments at 4.5 kG (0.45 T) with only 750 A supplied. The coils may run up to 850 A if the cooling water flow is sufficient, so in M20 SFUmu might deliver 0.5 T.

The drawback is the small spacing of the coils - only 3 inches - preventing side access for most counters and cryostats, and giving a quite small region of homogeneous field.

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