Most of the major equipment belonging to, or available to, the TRIUMF µSR Facility consists of magnets (spectrometers), detectors, cryostats, ovens, etc., and the lists will not be repeated here. There is a lot of minor equipment in addition to the major apparatuses, and a good sample of these smaller devices is listed below:

8 LakeShore 330 autotuning temperature controllers.
4 LakeShore 331 autotuning temperature controllers.
2 Oxford Instruments dilution refrigerator temperature controllers.
3 AVS resistance bridges.
6 LakeShore 218 temperature monitors.
2 LakeShore 234 temperature monitors.
2 Omega iSeries temperature controllers/monitors.
1 Omega temperature monitor.
4 Omega flow meter/regulators.
2  Motorized cryostat positioning platforms (others hand-adjusted).
1 High precision Metrolab NMR teslameter.
2 Group3 hall probe digital teslameters.
1 Lakeshore 450 digital gaussmeter (to 3 T).
1 F. W. Bell hand-held gaussmeter.
3 Zero field flux-gate magnetometers (to 2 G) with dedicated feedback-controlled magnet power supplies.
1 Applied Physics Systems zero field flux-gate magnetometer (to 6 G).
2 Oxford Instruments IPS-120 superconducting magnet power supplies.
1 Cryogenic Consultants superconducting magnet power supply.
1 American Magnetics superconducting magnet power supply.
2 Hewlett Packard power supplies.
9 Sorensen or Xantrex power supplies, (above 30 A)
5 Kepco bipolar power supplies.
6 Small single phase magnet power supplies (PK Precision, Lambda, Xantrex), plus many other small DC power supplies.
1 EIN 1040L power amplifier.
1 Amplifier Research model 500A100A RF power amplifier.
2 Programmable pulse generator modules.
5 Programable pulse shape generators (2 TRIUMF CMMS design, 1 Tektronix, 2 BNC).
6 Integral µSR NIM logic modules.
6 Gate generator logic modules (TRIUMF CMMS).
6 Berkeley Nucleonics model B980 TDC.
3 Tektronix TDS5104B oscilliscopes.
1 Agilent DS06104A oscilliscope.
3 Tektronix TDS3034, 3054B oscilliscopes.
3 CAEN SY2527 high voltage power supply systems (for detectors).
2 Precision digital voltmeters (with remote communication) Hewlett Packard 34420A and Solartron 7061.
7 He-pumping stations.
4 Mobile vacuum-pumping stations, plus several other vacuum pumps.
19  Office computers (desktop, CAD, simulation, development, data analysis).

Temperature sensors; Lead, brass and tungsten beam collimators; Small magnets (`flip coils'); and much more.