Ordinary sample holders

for vertical and horizontal cryostats


The standard simple sample cups are of two varieties, used in the axial HG-cryostat and the transverse cryostats VG-Janis, VG-cryo, and MsPiggy for large samples not needing low-background vetos. The holders are made of silver.


The inside diameter of the cup is approximately 1.25 inches, which sets the maximum sample size. Since the cups are made of soft silver, they get bent out of shape, so please allow plenty of clearance.

The cup on the transverse version is divided by a silver disk, held in place by rings, and the thermometer (GaAlAs diode) resides in the space behind the disk.

Although the thermometers (CGR and GaAlAs) for the axial version are in the sample rod, a silver disk is still used as a sample backing. The sample is usually attached to the silver disk by grease.

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