The Hodge-Podge spectrometer, named for its recycled components, has a solid pole electromagnet providing fields of up to 3 kG (0.3 T) horizonally transverse to the beam. The 3 kG field is achieved with 21.2 A, which indicates 141.5 G/A overall, but the response is non-linear depending on the saturation of the iron yoke and poles. The upper field limit may be increased by altering pole-tip geometry; likely to 0.5 T

Since the magnetic field direction is transverse to the beam direction, the beam is bent considerably as it enters the magnet. The pole tips are deliberately small to reduce this effect, but also another dipole magnet is mounted just upstream to counteract the bending. Cryostat access is axial to the beam, and the positron detectors are in the Up and Down directions.