High Pressure Gas Cells

60 atm Cell

[Diagram the 60 atm gas cell]

The 60 atm HP gas cell (HPG/60) is used for studies of muonium chemistry in the gas phase. It features a 0.1 mm muon entrance window made by boring almost all the way through the titanium end plate. This is the maximum thickness compatible with a surface muon beam. To eliminate all unnecessary materials in the muon beam, an in-vacuum muon counter is used which features a thin `button' of bare scintillator placed right over the entrance window and an aluminized mylar mirror to direct scintillation light to a photomultiplier tube.

Access direction: Axial
Temperature range: 280-310 K
Pressure range: 5-60 atm
Compatible spectrometers: Omni, Omni-prime, Lampf, Helios, Gas Cart

Maintained by Donald Arseneau,
For the TRIUMF µSR Facility