DR (Pandora)

A spectrometer combining a superconducting Helmholtz magnet and dilution refrigerator

Magnet Type: Superconducting Helmholtz
Field Strength/Orientation:   5 T / z,   2.5 mT / x,   0.5 mT / y
Field Calibration: 0.0617 T/A (617 G/A) z (longtitudinal)
0.1614 mT/A (1.614 G/A) x (vertical)
0.0341 mT/A (0.341 G/A) y (horizonal)
0.3526 mT/1000dac (3.526 G/1000dac) z (longtitudinal correction coil)

Counter acceptance: 0.1-1.5 π
Experiment types: LF, TF, ZF, HTF

The DR `Pandora' hides a superconducting Helmholtz magnet, an Oxford Instruments dilution refrigerator, and many scintillation counters within its black box. Externally, there are field adjustment coils and two side-counters; the phototubes for the other counters are mounted to the spectrometer's body and serve the scintillators contained within the vacuum space. The main magnet runs in persistent mode and up to 5 T. The dilution refrigerator goes below 20 mK and can be used as an ordinary cryostat up to 7 K normally or 20 K by special arrangement.