Materials Science Workshop


The TRIUMF Users Executive Committee (TUEC) is sponsoring a series of Workshops on topics relevant to TRIUMF science in anticipation of a Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) meeting sometime in the next year. One of these topics is Materials Science, by which we mean mainly Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry.

Naturally we are most interested in areas of these fields where accelerators like TRIUMF can make important contributions, such as µSR and ßNMR, but we would also like to explore opportunities for coordinated development of other accelerator-based materials science probes like synchrotron radiation or spallation neutrons.

Based on initial User response and logistic necessity, the Workshop was held at TRIUMF on the weekend of 11-12 August 2001. The format was extremely informal and adaptable in response to fresh ideas, a sort of "think tank with lectures". The title of the Workshop was

New Opportunities for Accelerator-Based Materials Research in Canada

Informality notwithstanding, a few formal talks were important to "get the ball rolling". See the


for the final catchment. To facilitate free discussion before the Workshop we set up an "electronic bulletin board" where people could post their thoughts and peruse those of others:

WS2001 Bulletin Board

This has now been extended to provide a continuing forum for members of the TRIUMF µSR Users Group (MUG).

Attendance List

Here is an outline (prepared months in advance) of what we thought might be discussed:
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