International Society for ÁSR Spectroscopy


I have set up an "electronic bulletin board" where you can post your thoughts and peruse those of others:

ISMS Bulletin Board

Please be civil, considerate and thoughtful about what you post before you start typing. I reserved the right to zap anything I find offensive. If you find something offensive, let me know and I might zap that too, depending on whether I agree that it compromises the free exchange of ideas. I won't zap anything just because I disagree with it, but I may ridicule it mercilessly. I expect no less in return. Enjoy!

You will notice that only registered ISMS members are allowed to create Topics on the Bulletin Board; this is to preserve some measure of accountability. You may also wish to register to help cut down on indiscriminate broadcasts and to locate specific people (and help them locate you). Here's where to register, revise, search and so on:

ISMS Member Database

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